Guests stop by our prop department, grab some hats, boas, glasses or signs and then enter our on-site portable studio area and a short video is taken. While making the video, guests may dance, wave, blow kisses or make up skits. Our staff will give you an idea of skits to be performed or they can just be spontaneous.

Nothing!!! The cost of producing the books onsite is included in the event charge.

As many people as you can fit into our display area in less than 7 seconds! However, 1 to 4 people work best.

Typically, 45-50 books per hour. If you have an extremely large crowd or a very short time period to make Flipbooks, we suggest having an additional cutting station to double our production capabilities. Please call for pricing.

Yes and no. Let me explain how we operate to make it fair for all of your guests. Since it takes us about a minute-and-a-half to make each flipbook, if we make 4 flipbooks of the same group of people, the next person has to wait 6 minutes before we can even begin working on his or her flipbook. The result is a long line of people waiting around for their flipbook and not enjoying your party! We have 2 solutions:

Option #1 - We make two flipbooks for the group and tell them that if they would like a copy of that flipbook to bring it back to us when we aren’t as busy. We can pull up that saved file and make copies as time permits. This is great for our client because we keep the line moving and are still making flipbooks even when we aren’t crowded.


Option #2 - For an additional charge we can have a 3rd staff member also cutting and binding books, this will double our production output.

Absolutely, it’s a very creative and unique idea! Pre-made flipbooks also make great Thank You cards that can be placed at your guest’s table setting. We will have you come to our studio and make a short video and process the order. We have a minimum of 25 books. There is a sitting fee of $125.00 and the Flipbook fees can be located here on our site under Packages.

Of course, please let us know if you would like us to be outdoors when you ask for the quote so we can work out the details of the logistics. Generally, the purchaser must provide shelter from the elements, whether it is gusts of wind, potential rain or extreme sunlight. Perhaps an electrical generator might be needed if no outlets are nearby. Extra charges may apply.

Absolutely, we will work with you to provide the best integration of our product to meet your needs. We will make your target consumers the star of your next brand campaign. Consumers will love downloading their video from your custom online retrieval site, or posting to YouTube or Facebook. With branded video retrieval sites and branding integrated into the video, you are sure to maximize your reach when consumers become an instant brand ambassador by sharing with their friends and social networks.

Just about anywhere you’d like us to. In addition, we have affiliated offices nationwide. We can handle multiple events throughout the country in one evening.

For pricing please call us at 269-366-0122 for a complete list of options and pricing.