Flip Book America is the marketing tool that your brand is looking for, and it all starts with the experience. By providing your target market with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to star in their own animated flipbook, your company instantly gains points on the cool meter. By handing out custom flipbooks featuring your logo, you will see your promotional giveaway shared amongst family and friends, uploaded to social networking sites, and talked about for years to come. Imagine your brand being forever attached to one of the most memorable interactive experiences ever provided!

Flip Book America is available for one-time promotional events, nationwide mobile marketing tours, destination venues, and even new product launches. Wherever we go, Flip Book America is sure to draw attention that will be connected to your brand and message. The message that you choose will then be shared amongst friends for years to come as part of your customer’s custom flipbook.

“Flip Book America exceeded our client’s expectations so much; that an additional flipbook kiosk was ordered for their upcoming tour. Product, service and knowledge of what it takes to make a touring marketing program sets Flip Book America apart from the rest!”
- Bob Schinker, President – Radiant Event Technology

Custom Artwork for Cover
Optional Scrolling Text on Pages
Optional Business Card Included in Book
Online Retrieval Option
Data Capture Abilities