Everyone is flipping over our books! You, your family and friends are guaranteed to have fun making these interactive and entertaining flipbooks. No more typical “cheese” picture. In less than two minutes, you become the star of your own hand-held mini movie. As part of the package, we include custom artwork and backgrounds suited to the theme of your special party. No celebration is complete without extending an invitation to Flipbook America. This is one of the very few entertainment options that are perfect for both children and grandparents.

Here’s why:






At the end of the night you will have the option of purchasing a DVD of all the videos taken of your guests so that you may re-live all the fun moments they had making flipbooks at your event. This video could be posted on Facebook or used for any other post party event.

“Flipbooks were the hit of the evening. I could tell the DJ was a little frustrated trying to get the kids away from our booth and back onto the dance floor. Seth’s party is in two years and we’re going to have you back”

                          - Rebecca Rosenthal

Professionalism - We’ve been in business since 1989. We are the largest entertainment provider in Michigan for a reason. Our “around the clock” availability, attention to detail, outstanding service, and evolving entertainment options continue to make us the #1 entertainment choice.

- They’re endless! Flipbook America and The Talent Network are continually researching and developing the latest trends in entertainment. Our cutting-edge inventory makes us the preferred choice of party planners throughout the Midwest.

Peace of Mind
- Our promise is that everything will be right for your celebration. So relax and enjoy your party ... you deserve that much. Call us and check your date and get flipping today!

* Covers Customized to Fit Your Theme
* Perfect for Guests of ALL Ages
* Optional Personalized Flipbook Signs Available
* Optional Compilation DVD Available