Introducing Flip Book America- Where we give you and your guests the opportunity to star in your very own flipbook! That’s right; remember the flipbooks that you or your friend sketched as a child? Now we replace those silly stick figures with sixty pictures of you and your friends- being fabulous! The result is an unforgettable experience that delivers a personal party favor. All of this in less then 2 minutes! How’s that for instant gratification?

You or your guests stand in front of a white screen. You can dance, hold up a sign, blow kisses or just be goofy. The more creative energy that you put into your video, the more exciting your flipbook will be. We then slice the video into 60 individual still shots, print the pictures and bind your flipbook right in front of your eyes. In less than two minutes we turn your silly video into a one-of-a kind custom keepsake that can be enjoyed for generations. Just flip through your book to relive the moment and feel the excitement all over again!

 Corporate Events
 Wedding Receptions
 Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
 Holiday Parties
 Trade Shows and Conventions
 Charity Events and Fundraisers
 Grad Parties and After Proms
 Birthdays / Anniversaries